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Welcome to Archispex

In an increasingly complex construction industry and changing methods of procurement, there has never been greater pressure on architects to prepare high quality contract documents, and to prepare them in less-and-less time. CAD and BIM have revolutionized the drawing process, but it remains a fact of life that many architects do not have the knowledge, expertise, or interest to write specifications.

Construction professionals recognize the need for clear, concise, and up-to-date specifications, but the cost of having a professional on staff with that expertise or keeping an in-house system up to date is prohibitive to most offices. Frequently, the task of writing the specifications falls either to an already over-taxed Project Architect, or to a junior member of the team with little experience in the building systems involved.

The specifications are a pivotal factor in the success of the building project and an essential part of the design process. Poorly prepared specifications can cause major headaches for every member of the project team, causing problems that can cost the client a great deal of money. A well-written specification can enhance project delivery and save money.By contracting with an experienced construction specifier you can significantly reduce the overall time that it takes to prepare the specifications, even after allowing for coordination between the members of the project team and the specifications consultant, and the end result will be far better as well.

If your practice is not large enough to justify a full-time specification writer, why not consider sub-contracting?

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